Thursday, March 13, 2014

Self- Assisted Tax Preparation

The South Hampton Roads Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition empowers working individuals and families with low-to-moderate income access free tax preparation and filing services online, at home, at a community center or with the help of a nonprofit partner. See for locations and to schedule an appointment.

Not sure you can do your taxes yourself? At The Up Center, Norfolk, Virginia, we can do your taxes or provide whatever level of assistance you might need to do and file your taxes at  Through the MyFreeTaxes Partnership, we provide easy, safe, secure and 100 percent free federal and state tax preparation and filing assistance for qualified individuals.
Sponsored by the Walmart Foundation, in cooperation with Goodwill Industries International, National Disability Institute, and United Way Worldwide, the partnership’s online and in-person tax preparation and filing services have helped millions of families claim nearly $8 billion in tax credits and refunds since 2009. Tax filing software is provided through and powered by H&R Block.

Carla Skinner of Norfolk, Virginia, came to The Up Center recently for tax assistance. She states, “Preparing my taxes with a tax professional next to me gave me confidence that I would get the tax credits that I was due and that my return would be accurate  … it was an enjoyable experience”.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

IRS2Go Mobile App

Now Available - 2014 Version of IRS2Go!
This new version of IRS2Go has a brand new look and feel with new added features. It is available in both English and Spanish.
Refund Status
You can check the status of your federal income tax refund using IRS2Go. Simply enter your Social Security number, which will be masked and encrypted for security purposes, then select your filing status and enter the amount of your anticipated refund from your 2013 tax return. A status tracker has been added so you can see where your tax return is in the process. If you filed your return electronically, you can check your refund status within a 24 hours after we receive your return. If you file a paper tax return, you will need to wait about four weeks to check your refund status because it takes longer to process a paper return.

Tax Records
You can request your tax return or account transcript using your smartphone. IRS2Go allows you to request this information, which will be mailed to you within several business days.

Free Tax Prep Providers
The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Programs offer free tax help for taxpayers who qualify. You can use this brand new tool to help you find a VITA site right near your home. You simply enter your zip code and select a mileage range. To make it even more convenient if you click on the directions button within the results the maps application on your device will load with the address, making it easy to navigate to your desired location.

Stay Connected
You can interact with the IRS by following us on Twitter, watching helpful videos on YouTube, sign up for email updates, or contact us.

Download the IRS2Go App
If you have an Apple iPhone or iTouch, you can download the free IRS2Go app by visiting the iTunes app store. If you have an Android device, you can visit Google Play to download the free IRS2Go app.

IRS2Go reflects IRS’ commitment to help you get the information you need — whenever you need it, wherever you are. The IRS shares the latest information on tax law changes, initiatives, products and services through various social media channels

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

worked full-time, part-time or anytime in 2013?

you may be eligible for federal tax dollars!


If you have been hit by the economic downturn, knowing that you may qualify for thousands of dollars in federal tax credits is great news!  Even if you never qualified before, you could be eligible now!

The Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit are tax benefits for people who earn low to moderate incomes. If you worked in 2013, then you may be eligible!

How much is the Earned Income Credit (EIC) worth?

· If you lived with a qualifying child* for more than half the year, and you earned less than $37,870 ($43,210 if married), you can claim up to $3,250 in EIC benefits.

· If you lived with two children and earned less than $43,210 ($48,378 if married), you can claim up to $5,372.

· If you lived with three or more children and earned less than $46,227 ($51,567 if married), you can claim and EIC up to $6,044.

· Workers not raising a family may be eligible for up to $487 if they earned less than $14,340 ($19,680 if married) and are between the ages of 25 and 64.

What about the Child Tax Credit (CTC)?

Workers raising children can maximize their tax credit benefits by claiming the CTC, worth up to $1,000 for each child under the age of 17. To be eligible for the CTC, a worker must have taxable earned income above $3,000 in 2013.
Workers can even get FREE tax filing assistance!

Keep the tax credits you’ve earned in your pocket. Instead of paying to get your tax return filed, you can get free help filing your tax return through the IRS sponsored program VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). VITA volunteers are trained to help workers claim tax credits for which they are eligible.

Understanding the EIC and CTC
Janet, who was laid off this year from her job as a real estate agent, will get the boost she needs from the EIC and CTC.  As a single mother of two     children, both under the age of 17, Janet earned $41,500 in 2012 and was ineligible to claim the EIC.
Janet worked for six months before being laid off, and was unable to find another job.  Her total income during 2013 was $19,250. When she files her tax return, she will receive an EIC worth $4,977.
Janet will also be eligible for a CTC, worth $2,000. These credits offset any income taxes she owes, and she will be able to use the remaining balance from the refund to keep up with her family’s needs.